Founders Bio

Kim Comer's life mission is to be a testament to overcoming difficult life challenges without the use of drugs or alcohol. Sober since 2008, Kim completely transformed her life by embarking on a journey of natural healing. By improving her approach to nutrition, and discovering and practicing methods to alleviate stress naturally, Kim created a holistic path to wholeness that she now teaches to others. Early in life Kim was diagnosed with depression and suicidal ideation, which led to many years of “self-medication” and produced the seemingly endless cycle that addiction induces.


Prompted by a life-altering event, and exhausted from years of substance abuse and a self-destructive lifestyle, Kim was determined to “turn her life around.” Kim set a course in the direction of recovery by mapping out a comprehensive approach to wellbeing using proven techniques to identify triggers and release limiting beliefs. One way to change one's current emotional state is body movement through rhythm, which immediately changes one's physiology by producing endorphins, the body’s all-natural pain and stress reducers. Drumming is just one of many means by which to incorporate movement into a natural wellness routine.


Drumming as a spiritual exercise is integral to Kim’s life-balance repertoire, as is her practice of various forms of meditation. In addition, Kim has literally walked on fire and leapt from airplanes, as an alternate avenue to learning to face her fears and transform apprehension and anxiety into courage and confidence. Kim has been a drummer, percussionist, and pianist since childhood and is passionate in her role as drum leader and guide. She is the founder and facilitator of Sunday Drum Jam in the Park Houston and creator of Rhythm of Life Drumming, LLC, which provides experiential rhythm therapy in alcohol and drug treatment facilities and recovery communities throughout the greater Austin and Houston areas.


She has led drum circles at Earth Dance; Awake Now Houston at Unity of Houston; Unity of Wimberley; VA Houston; SDJAustin; Medicine for the People Spiritual Gathering, the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation convention, Hobbyfest 2019, Community First Village of Austin, several celebrations at the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas, as well as numerous other events throughout the state.